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As I began my senior year in high school in 1970, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. My dad was class of ’49 and regularly received copies of the Texas Aggie. An article about the new program in Recreation and Parks caught my interest and I was off to Texas – no college tours for me. I went through 4 majors at A&M before I decided I wanted to go to law school.  Management was my final undergraduate major because I wanted some business exposure before going to law school. As a business major, I elected to take some computer programming classes in the BANA department. I had applied to and been accepted by UT law school for the fall of 1975, but this burgeoning data processing profession had captured my interest. I also applied to the MBA program in Business Analysis in the College of Business and during that summer weighed both options. In August I was back in Aggieland. 

That decision led to an MBA in December of 1976 and the start of a 38-year career in information technology which included stints in oil and gas, healthcare and higher education. In my last role, I served as CIO at the University of North Texas. My time at what would become the Mays Business School changed the direction of my life and provided me a great foundation for my career. But that’s not the end of the story – my son Matt followed in my footsteps receiving his BBA and MS in Management Information Systems in 2014.  Mays launched his career in information technology as well.  Thanks, Mays!

JOHN HOOPER ’75, ‘76 

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