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Amy Thompson has been an integral part of my experience here at Mays. She has helped me consolidate my ideas about a possible future career and given me actionable steps to take in achieving them. I believe Amy is the best counselor on campus because she truly believes in the capabilities of all her students and is willing to go to any length to see their dreams actualized. In addition to serving as a career advisor, she advises several student groups such as Aggie Women in Business. Recently, she wrote me a letter of recommendation for an internship program. Thank you, Amy! You have truly made my experience at Mays aMAYSing! 



One of the people who influenced me in my journey to Mays was my mother. No matter how academics, life, or school were going, she has always been at the other end of the telephone line to give me advice. Additionally, I wouldn’t be studying accounting if it hadn’t been for her. Observing her managing the accounts for a former family business made me more interested in the monetary side of things. If I owe a thank you to anyone, it’s to my dear mother.



The 2003-04 SIFE team was invited to attend a leadership meeting with CEOs from around the country by former US President George H.W. Bush and then President Robert Gates of Texas A&M University.  The team had the opportunity to tour the new exhibit on China with Barbara Bush in the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

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